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It all starts here - your first demo song
"Write me a song" I hear you say

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How does it work?

The process

- Enter the ordering form on this website or contact form for any questions.

- We will contact you to discuss your request in detail.

- A confirmation by email will be sent with a proposal for the service.

- Only the upfront payment of the service is considered as an order.

- The starting price for a song is €150,00 for your first single, € 350,00 for private persons for all next songs, € 550 for independants without staff, € 1.000 for companies  (all prices are excl. VAT).
- The price may vary depending on the number of instruments and vocals and the complexity of the song.

- We have the right to refuse any request.

- Once the ordering is confirmed and paid, there is no refund possible.

- A draft of the song will be sent and discussed before final recording an production.

- Once the draft version is accepted, no other version of the song will be created for the same price.

- Only minor changes and adaptations decided by are included in the agreed pricing. 

- All further requested changes will be charged on a time and material basis.

- Songs will be made available through streaming services via

Streaming & perfoming

- The distribution of the song on streaming platforms is included in the price.

- All streaming revenues coming from the song are entitled to .

- Performing the song is subject to rights and registration laws.

Rights and registration

- All rights reserved to

- All songs are protected and registered at SABAM.

- By ordering a song, you buy a service, not the rights nor the property of the song.

- Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.

How does it work
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