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Your very own lovestory in your very own song

Let's celebrate

Congratulations! You have something to celebrate. And you are looking for something unique to remember it by.

What is more unique than your very own story in your very own song.
Just imagine hearing your song during your ceremony or your opening dance...
Even years later, remember that special moment and dance with your loved ones to it.


What are the possibilities?

  • Maybe you have some lyrics or a beginning of a melody, that's great, we can start from that! But if not, that's ok, we are here to create your song.

  • You want to sing or someone in your family does? No problem, come by in our studio to record your song. If not, our studio singers will do the trick.

  • You want the song to be a surprise? We'll make it a moment to remember.

  • Live performance? We can send you the chords and lyrics for your prefered performer.

What is a song typically used for?

  • Weddings, events, communion, spring celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries 

  • During the ceremony to celebrate the event or the couple

  • As a remembrance or a message to the loved ones that are not present

  • As an opening dance for the start of the party

  • As a gift / recollection afterwards

  • In your video

Looking for weddingpackages with a song included? 

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