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Are you up for a creative challenge?
"How to write a song?" I hear you say, well, let's do it together

Let's try and make a song together

It's 9:30 am. We come together over a cup of coffee or tea and talk about what we want to share with the world. Yes, we are going to create a song today, or at least have a good shot at it.
At 10 am, we have a good understanding of the message and the theme of our song
At noon, We have some lyrics, and have a the base chords and melody. We challenge each other and co-create.

After lunch, it's time for a first pilot session. We choose our instruments and tempo, and create our atmosphere. Something is happening here! 
At 3pm, it's time to put lyrics and music together in a first recording.
Up until 5pm, it's trial and error. We create, we try, we listen, we change and suddenly.... 
It's there, our very own song...
We can mix and master and distribute your song afterwards if you want to.

What do you bring?

Maybe you have some lyrics or a beginning of a melody, that's great, we can start from that!
But if not, bring your creative musical brain.
It helps a lot if you already have an idea of the theme of the song you want to create.

What do we provide?

A home studio with professional recording gear.
A professional singer is available if you don't want to step behind the mic.
Instruments are available: piano, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, acoustic bass and electric bass; percussion...
Coffee, tea, water, soup and a ligth lunch

location: Destelbergen, Belgium

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