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Recording and producing your podcast

You have something to say to the world

Congratulations! You want to make impact on the world and have something to share.

Of course, you want your audience to be comfortable while listening to your voice and music.
Poor podcast recordings are very irritating and tiring for your listeners.


Common problems with podcast recordings

  • Background noises and interferences

  • High peaks in the recordings

  • Your voice is not loud enough

  • There's a lot of difference in volume when recording with other people

  • Voice tone is too nasal or 'sss' and 'shh' sounds are too loud

  • Mixing voice and music is not resulting in the desired outcome

  • The final output volume is too low compared to other podcasts

Contact us for help

In our studio, we have the right equipment to record, mix, fix and produce your podcasts.
Even if you have already recorded some podcasts, we can fix and mix the most common issues.
We work cost-efficiently with templates. Once we have built a custom template for your voice, all your podcasts can be mixed very fast and at a very low cost per podcast.

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