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You've been dreaming about your very own song?
Dream no longer. 

You have an idea, a dream. You want to write your song. You want to surprise someone and create a special song for a special occasion. Dream no longer. We can help you write your lyrics, create your music, record your song, produce your song and distribute your song on Youtube or Spotify and many other streaming platforms.
We make your song!

How can we help?

Lyrics and Singers

Lyrics & Singers

We can help you create, write or adapt your lyrics in English, Dutch and French.

Not keen on singing yourself? Our in-house singers will do the job for you.

Music and recording

Music & Recording

We can help you create and adapt your own music. We love to play every popular genre like pop, rock, R&B and easy listening. In our home studio we can record small acoustic settings and record demo songs.

Production and distribution

Production & Distribution

Our home studio is the place where the recording and the production is taking place.
If you want to, we can even distribute your song to many streaming platforms like YouTube or Spotify

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